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Linnaea (Aether) - 3D Model

Linn is one of a trio of protagonists in the original story world Aether, based on Greek mythology in a modernized magic-realism context. She is one of the twelve generals responsible for managing the city-state Olympus. Linn is responsible for preserving peace within the city, but her conscience sometimes guides her to step outside the king's orders to act in the best interests of the state and its people.

Linn's 3D model is hand-built from scratch. She was sculpted in Mudbox from the base human form, then extensively reworked in Blender to create her unique face, hair, and armor design. Her model was unwrapped for custom UV mapping, and her textures are painted from scratch with my realistic techniques, as well as specular and normal shine/depth maps. Her armature is brand-new and includes posing points for her hair as well as fully posable hands and face. She was weight-painted and rigged completely by hand, and is ready for animation.